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More about My Journey

Life Coaching UK- Helping You Find and Achieve your Purpose


Early years - Parallel Corporate and Spiritual Awakening

In my early 20’s my corporate life started at almost the exact same time as my conscious Spiritual Journey. Starting out as an Engineering Graduate in the early 1990’s in the UK. Coincidently my first Spiritual “awakening” happened at the same time. Perhaps you can recall your own first experience when something came into your life that made you question everything that you thought you knew about existence and the human experience? For me it was being introduced to a book called “The Only Planet of Choice”, ( by my new neighbour and now long term friend, who happened to be a Crop Circle Researcher.

Career - Family Life - International Travel & "Meditation"

So my Professional career progressed well, climbing the corporate ladder with increasing leadership roles at a young age. A diversion into International Development took me into the World of Government, World Bank, Multilaterals, living in Washington DC and travelling all over the world. At the same time, I was developing my meditation practice sporadically, enjoying experiencing natural energy work, e.g.  through the structures at Stonehenge and Avebury and exploring Buddhism and challenging my teachers with my need for absolute details. Within a few years my personal World and responsibility grew from just one (me), to two and then the joy and challenge  of small family life and the need for a career to support that became my dominant life focus, and my spiritual journey took a break for quite a few years. However, my intuitive “knowing” of there being more to life remained constant, if a little lacking in attention. Over the following years professionally I branched out into Consulting, creating my own renewable energy business, was approached to lead an investment project in New Zealand and spent 6 years there, which is where my spiritual calling kicked back in with my introduction to Reiki Energy healing.

Reiki Energy Healing and "Practical Spirituality" Coaching and Writing

This moment , 10 years ago, was pivotal to a path that led me to becoming a Reiki Master Healer and Teacher and essentially the path that led me to understanding my purpose and preparing myself to give back as a Spiritual Life Coach. In particular through collating and sharing my experience of Practical Spirituality through wiritng, and coaching groups and indisuvals. a paragraph. Click here to add your own text and edit me. It's easy.

Influences & Inspiration

Through my journey I have been inspired by much wisdom, including Tony Robbins (, Jack Canfield (, Dr Michael Beckwith (, a number of the collaborators in Mind Valley ( and many more people, events, relationships and self-reflections and insights.

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As an active listener and observer… of the verbal and more important non-verbal communications and life’s synchronicities, I invite you to join yourself, with my assistance,  to journey to the place where you make your dreams a reality, via the places that you might be holding yourself back…..

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