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Life Coaching , Online & South Coast UK

with Anthony Oyo


Helping Busy People Achieve Your Aspirations and Live a Practical Spiritual Life

Feeling stuck? At a crossroads in your career and know intuitively that your Spiritual Interests have a more substantial part to play in your life, but can't work out how to combine them with your everyday life? Even the strongest among us can feel lost, confused, unsure, or unhappy at times. We can help you understand where you are at right now, help you approach your current challenges through alternative perspectives, and develop very practical strategies that will enable and empower you to create the reality that you aspire to live and truly thrive in. 



A Passion for helping busy people achieve their Life Goals and Aspirations 

Do you wonder:.....

  • What is my Life Purpose? 

  • How can i Achieve Abundance?

  • Why can't i Meditate regularly?

  • How do i attend more retreats?

  • How do i combine my Spiritual Interest with achieving progression in my job?

  • How do i balance my Spirituality with my home responsibilities?

  • How do i handle being the only Spiritual person in my family?


Through Life Coaching I am here to help you develop and improve Your Spiritual and Life Journey within the practicalities of daily life challenges,(work, travel, home, family, finances & other multiple demands). 

My approach is based on my personal experience from years of living the frustrations of trying to combine my challenging Professional Careers all over the World and my Family Responsibilities with a burning desire to explore my Spiritual journey, and develop my Spiritual Practice and ultimately Discover and Live my Life Purpose. 


My experience as a Reiki Master Energy Healer ( and my training in NLP ( and Life Coaching with Tony Robbins (, provides a framework to draw on my 50 years life experience to help you understand the roots of your "perceived blockages" and develop strategies for you to move yourself forward in the direction of your choosing, to achieve the fulfilment you desire.


I am based in South Coast (UK) for in-person sessions, and also available online (Zoom, Skype). If you would like to know more and to discuss how I could help you, then please get in touch to arrange a Complementary Clarity Session, where we can explore your aspirations and desires for your Life and Spiritual Journey. 




“No Problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 

Albert Einstein

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My Story 

"Join yourself, with my assistance,  to journey to the place where you make your dreams a reality, via the places that you might be holding yourself back….."

As a qualified Life Coach, Reiki Master Healer and Teacher, with over 50 years of “enriching Planet Earth Human Life Experience”,   I have the privilege of helping busy individuals courageously assess their personal situation and confidently and powerfully transform their lives, to achieve their dreams and aspirations, life and spiritual goals, in balance with the realities, challenges and practicalities of their everyday lives.

Although my Corporate Career started almost exactly at the same time as my conscious Spiritual Journey, in my early 20’s, I made a conscious decision to focus on my Corporate Life and Career progression, raising a family and complying with the usual income/responsibility dynamics, whilst my Spiritual Journey continued sporadically in the background, and with little attention. This is not an untypical situation, and often leads, as it did with me, to a point in your life when the force behind your Spiritual curiosity finally pushes you to take action. It  took me 30 years of amazing and enriching Life Challenges and experiences with family, career and multiple cultures around the World, and exploration of Reiki Energy Healing to get to this point of understanding my Life Purpose. These amazing experiences have enabled me today, through Spiritual Life Coaching UK, to offer help to others to bring their own Spiritual Journey, Curiosity and desires into balance with the realities of their practical day to day life and responsibilities, and thrive in their new purpose-driven and aligned life paradigm.             It doesn’t have to take you 30 years.

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